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COVID-19 Thoughts Today

March 25, 2020

As the number of Corona virus cases increases throughout our region, it feels like we are on the outskirts of something like a hurricane. We are all waiting to see what will happen and if it will be as bad here as we see happening elsewhere.  Now, when I am driving to work, I see few cars and even fewer people. People are following the restrictions put forth by our Governor, and the recommendations of our health care experts. It is crucial that we keep these plans in place, until we know the peak of disease has passed.


I would like to give my thanks  to the health care workers, doctors, nurses, techs, hospital and health care employees, etc., but also to  those of us in positions deemed essential who keep the food chain in place, in grocery stores and supermarkets, with  food and meal deliveries, and in warehouses, who keep us safe in armed services, homeland security, police, fire and emergency services, who provide maintenance and sanitation services, and those in front line retail positions, to just name a few. Thank you for helping the rest of us.


Each of us has to rise to the occasion and contribute our part, whatever it may be, to reduce the overall effects of this disease. We may never see the effects of our individual actions, but in our hearts we will know.  When the corona storm hit, we stood up and faced the unknown, we did not run away, we worked as a community, and in the end,  the darkness was less because of what we did.


Our thoughts to all.




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